Jordanian Teachers… The Issue Remains Open


PDF: Jordanian Teachers… The Issue Remains Open

The aim of this article is to provide an analysis of the recent developments starting from the July 25 decision of Amman’s Attorney-General to discontinue the work of the Jordanian Teachers Syndicate (JTS) Council and close down their offices. This was followed by arresting all the members of the JTS Council and a number of leaders of its branches in various governorates, as well as arresting hundreds of other related persons for limited periods of time (ranging from hours to days). The article also seeks to view this event in light of its general context, i.e. the current state of conflict and social movement in Jordan. It may be useful to point out that this article is based on a relatively vigorous follow-up of the teachers’ movement in the field since its launching in 2010 and establishment of the JTS, as well as the “ebb and flow” within this syndicate and its relation with the authority, all the way to last year’s events.

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