Gaza Scenarios

gazaBased on the specific situation of the Gaza Strip, a public debate about urgent questions and challenges as well as about futures scenarios regarding the Gaza Strip is of high relevance. To include a variety of social groups in this process, in particular those who eventually are marginalized from participation in public debate, e.g. youth and women, RLS supports various progressive formats of activation and communication approaches, such as media and art.


The Culture and Free Thought Association

CFTA is a non-profit organization that was established in 1997 in Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip. CFTA aims at promoting progressive Palestinian cultural identity by advocating human rights and the values of social equity and equality. CFTA has a special focus on youth in the Gaza Strip.


Project: “Towards Youth Empowerment”

The southern Gaza Strip is the most deprived, most conservative, and least developed among all Palestinian regions, hence youth generations there have limited chances to aspire and genuinely develop their capacities. In 2015, CFTA will set up a mechanism that includes; interactive skills development, providing resources (Training in film making, photography, etc.), coaching, and ongoing follow up to provide youth and young adults with opportunities to engage constructively in community debate, and at the same time to open further economical horizons to them.

For more information, please visit the organization’s website:

Sawt Al-Watan

Sawt Al-Watan is a private non-governmental radio station owned by the Al-Galilee Media Production Company. It operates its media site as a vanguard organization aiming at providing guidance and the promotion of social awareness towards the advancement of society.


Project: Towards the Enhancement of Justice, Equality, and Democratic Values for Women in the Gaza Strip

In 2015, Sawt Al-Watan will launch a radio program addressing women’s rights from a progressive perspective, entitled “Voice of the Women.” The program will mainly give youth, women, and feminist activists a platform to address priority issues from their own perspective in the context of Gaza.

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