RLS Palestine and Jordan Screens ‘Not Just Your Picture’


On May 31, 2023, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung – Regional Office Palestine & Jordan hosted a screening of the film ‘Not Just Your Picture’ which tells the story of two young German-Palestinian siblings, Ramzyj and Layla Kilani, who had their life shattered one early morning during the summer of 2014 when their father, Ibrahim, with his second wife and their five young children, were killed by an Israeli airstrike during the attacks on Gaza. 

The screening took place at their Ramallah office, with the presence of co-director Anne Paq, and the participation of Ramzy from the Kilani family over Zoom. The event attracted a full house, captivating the audience with the powerful story of the Kilani family and their ongoing and relentless pursuit of justice.

Karin Gerster, Head of Office at RLS Palestine and Jordan, welcomed the audience and introduced Anne Paq, the film’s co-director and moderated the discussion. 

Anne Paq, an award-winning photographer and videographer, described how the film was a  highly personal and important project for her, as she witnessed firsthand the devastating consequences of the Israeli offensive of 2014 on the Gaza Strip, which deepened her commitment to shed light on the long-term impact of the attacks on the communities of Gaza.

Ramzy participated in the discussion, addressing audience questions and sharing his family’s persistent pursuit of justice for the murder of his family. He highlighted the double standards from his point of view, contrasting the German government’s responses to the deaths of German citizens in conflicts like Ukraine with the lack of response he experienced regarding his family’s loss in Gaza. Additionally, Ramzy brought attention to the growing suppression of Palestine solidarity activism in Germany.


The event facilitated meaningful conversations focused on achieving accountability for the Kilani family and promoting a better understanding while strengthening relationships between Germans and Palestinians.

It is worth noting that Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS) is a German foundation that has been operating in Palestine since 2008. Their work includes providing political education and encouraging social criticism. The organization promotes a critical perspective on society and supports networks that introduce emancipatory, political, social, and cultural initiatives


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