MADAR Releases new Qadaya Magazine issue titled: “Israel and Lebanon: From the 1982 War to the 2022 Gas Deals“


RLS Palestine and Jordans’s partner, The Palestinian Forum for Israeli Studies (MADAR), released Issue no. 89 of “Qadaya Isra’iliya” (Israeli Affairs) Arabic quarterly journal, titled  “Israel and Lebanon: From the 1982 War to the 2022 Gas Deals”.

Qadaya Israeliya’s Issue 89 focuses on the complex and multifaceted relations between Lebanon and Israel, covering events from the 1982 war to the recent gas deals in 2022. Both states have faced numerous crises over the past 40 years, including wars, military incursions, and political tensions. Despite the conflicts and hostility, indirect negotiations have occurred between Lebanon and Israel, as seen in the gas agreements signed in 2022. These relations have left a significant and undeniable impact on Israel’s military doctrine, the concept of national security, and regional influence.

This issue of Qadaya Israeliya features six contributions exploring various aspects of the topic. Antoine Shulhut reviews the new realities surrounding the 1982 war, while Fadi Nahhas examines three milestones in Israeli military doctrine and the country’s role in the region. Mohannad Mustafa highlights the importance of the gas and maritime demarcation deals, arguing that they would strengthen mutual deterrence. The issue also includes a translation of Menachem Begin’s speech during the 1982 Lebanon war, a translation of Yigal Kipnis’s 1982, Lebanon – The Road to War, and Avi Shilon’s discussion of the special relationship between the revisionist right-wing and Maronite denominations in Lebanon.

In addition to the Lebanon-Israel relations, the issue also includes three articles on the formation of the sixth religious, settler, and right-wing Netanyahu government. Ashraf Bader provides critical insight into the rise of the religious, settler right-wing, while Walid Habbas delves into the root causes of Israeli radicalization. The last article provides a full translation of Bezalel Smotrich’s 2017 Decisive Plan. The issue also features book reviews, a section on the Zionist archive and literature, and new key Israeli publications. Overall, this issue contributes to a deeper understanding of the dynamics and conflicts between Israel and Lebanon over the past decades and provides a foundation for further research and analysis.

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