“Fadia’s Tree” receives Amnesty International Award


Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Regional Office Palestine & Jordan, would like to congratulate its partner, Sarah Beddington, as her film “Fadia’s Tree” received the Amnesty International Award for Best Feature Film at the Donostia – San Sebastián Human Rights Film Festival.

Sarah Beddington – Fadia’s Tree Director








Dreaming of a homeland she is denied, Fadia Lobani, a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon, sets a challenge to her new friend Sarah Beddington, to find an ancient mulberry tree that stands as witness to her family’s existence in Sa’sa, at her ancestral homeland. Guided only by inherited memories, a blind man and a two-headed dragon, ‘Fadia Tree’ chronicles this 15-year journey and the beautiful friendship it produced.


In the picture, Fadia Lobani from Fadia’s Tree documentary


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