Badil organizes “Palestinian Youth Forum” educational workshops


In partnership with Rosa Luxemburg the regional office of Palestine and Jordan, BADIL ,The Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights organized Palestine Youth Forum educational program, that aims to equipping youth with knowledge about human rights and international law pertaining to the case of Palestine, through capacity building and educational sessions.

With the participation of 30 youth coming from several locations in Palestine, the program included educational workshops in the field of human rights and international law in relation to Palestine, and a field visit to a Palestinian community living in Area C, which is targeted by the Israeli army and settlers.

The workshops included several sessions that addressed topics of Palestinian identity, Women in the occupational context, Art and Liberation, and the impact of the Oslo agreement on youth. The field visit in Area C was to Khirbet Tell el Himma, in the northern Jordan Valley, as participant’s planted 200 grape trees to support the resilience of the inhabitants, who are subjected to harassment by the Israeli army and settlers.

Via these programs, Badil aspires to enable the youth with needed knowledge and skills to raise their voices demanding the rights of Palestinians, especially the refugees, and to strengthen the communication between the youth in Palestine.



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