Call for Offers: RLS Website development (outsourcing contract)



The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Regional Office Palestine & Jordan (RLS) is a German organization affiliated with the German Left Party. It is one of the largest educational institutions in Germany. Regarding its international work, RLS is active in about 60 countries with development and education projects funded by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and the Federal Foreign Office.

Call for Offers: RLS Website development (outsourcing contract)


Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung is requesting proposals from IT companies to create Website design and development and SEO implementation according to the modern web standards and with greater functionality.

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung seeks a firm with relevant expertise to create a flexible, interactive and informative website that is easy to maintain. The website must deliver large amounts of constantly changing information to the organization key audiences. ln addition to designing a user-friendly site with an intuitive interface, the website must allow for a web-based, database-driven administration tool (CMS) that allows organizations office to easily update both texts, graphics and other visual/ multimedia content without directly accessing the source code.

To be effective and serve specific strategies, website must:

  • Be easy and intuitive
  • Be visually stunning
  • Be informative
  • Be safe and secure
  • Be quick to load and operate
  • Have user- friendly search engine
  • Be able to render appropriately on a wide variety of different browsers, optimized for tablet and smartphones.
  • Interactive, appealing. highly user-friendly and responsive.


Requirements and Guidelines:

The hired firm will be required to create (design, develop, test) a web platform within the designated timeline which meets the following below criteria. Organization staff will provide all the needed support of the site content and pictures, in addition to the current web site access information (user name and password) to be able to do edits to content on the new website. The site must include a technological solution that allows organization office to easily and cost effectively update content, including graphic and visual/ multimedia content.



Website information, architecture, graphic look and feel, user navigation, home page and internal pages as well as main navigation templates for each of the main navigation links.


Development Requirements and Guidelines

The website designed by the successful candidate must meet the following requirements and guidelines:


General Technical Requirements:


  1. Must be a robust, high functional and user-friendly Content Management System (CMS).
  2. Modern, Unique and creative graphics design, that reflect the latest trends.
  3. The site structure (design) should be parameterized to allow for any future development and the addition of new features.
  4. Integrated newsletter management system / News Letter Registration.
  5. Website CMS PHP MYSQL MVC / Not open Source Platform.
  6. Must be Technology agnostic neutral website that do compatible with any operating system, DBMS, Browser, Hardware or any control.
  7. Multi user CMS with different Permissions (Functions and content).
  8. HTML5/CSS3 Front end.
  9. Multilingual (Arabic & English) with the flexibility to add new languages.
  10. Full Mobile Responsive.
  11. Home Page Builder /Dynamic Sections.
  12. Advance Content Editor, Text Formatting and Spell Checker.
  13. Compatible with all Web Browsers (IE, Firefox ,Chrome, Opera, Safari … etc.).
  14. Full Dynamic Content / Unlimited Pages.
  15. Photo Galleries.
  16. Polls Module.
  17. Questions and Answers section.
  18. Video Galleries Up loader & Youtube.
  19. Uploaded images optimization (Cropping and Resizing).
  20. High Security Level.
  21. https
  22. SEO Optimized / SEO Setup (Keywords, Metadata, URLs, Sitemaps .. ).
  23. Dynamic Sitemap.
  24. Google Analytics integration.
  25. Social Media integrated / Two Ways integration (FB and Twitter).
  26. Embedding of Google Analytics.
  27. Embedding of social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube).
  28. Website should have the capability to sending emails for a registered email list.
  29. Capability to archive articles.
  30. Data migration from old website to the new one.
  31. Admin / User manuals & training.



  • Visually Appealing – The site must have an attractive mix of text and graphics appropriate with the organization primary target groups.


  • Common Theme – Each section of the site should have a common look and feel. Organization logo should be prominently displayed חס every page as a common header.


  • Consistent Design – As stated above, each section of the site should have a common look and feel. The use of photographs, fonts and layouts should be consistent throughout the site.


  • Easy to Navigate – The site should be easy to navigate, information should be grouped and presented in a logical manner.


  • Search Engine Optimization – provide search capabilities using key words or phrasing that will identify content throughout the site.


  • Site will be developed in a bi-lingual environment, separated English and Arabic versions.


  • Develop a user-friendly calendar, with the ability to schedule upcoming events. The home website calendar will show all organization events and workshops.


Kindly send your complete application including price quotation (including vat) in local currency until September 20, 2020 to or:

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Regional Office Palestine & Jordan

Al Atari Building, (second floor)

Al Tireh St.,




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