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The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

img2The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS) is one of the major institutions of political education in the Federal Republic of Germany. Bearing the name of Rosa Luxemburg (1871-1919), the RLS is committed to the legacy of the revolutionary left and works within the tradition of workers’ and women’s movements. It considers itself as part of the intellectual grassroots movement of democratic socialism. The RLS serves as a forum for debate and critical thinking about political alternatives, as well as a research center for progressive social development. It is closely affiliated to the German Left Party (DIE LINKE).


The RLS Regional Office Palestine & Jordan

RLS has supported partners in Palestine since 2000, and established the RLS Regional Office Palestine in 2008. A program in Jordan is currently being developed and until 2012 the RLS Regional Office Palestine was also in charge of project cooperation with our Egyptian partners.

The work of the RLS Regional Office Palestine is based on an understanding of the need to struggle in order to overcome racist, sexist, colonial, and imperial forms of power. It collaborates with democratic and progressive Palestinian individuals and organizations to support people to access those assets of freedom necessary to enable them to practice self-determination. This includes not only supporting partners in analyzing and speaking out against the occupation, but also taking a critical stance towards social, economic, and political developments within Palestinian society. Considering the context of occupation, it is essential for the RLS Regional Office Palestine to continuously and self-critically reflect the specific responsibilities and challenges of international organizations in the conflict.

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