• 16.4.2011, Cairo Organizer: Al Sharq Centre for Research and Strategic Studies (SCRSS)
    Egypt’s political parties map out future

    Egypt’s main political parties have opened debate over upcoming elections, their preferences regarding political systems, and the country’s future regional relations

  • 2.4.2011, Cairo Organizer: Al Sharq Centre for Research and Strategic Studies (SCRSS)
    The perspectives of the new youth movements

    Egypt’s future after 25 January. The perspectives of the new youth movements
    Representatives of youth groups that were part of the January revolution agreed on the importance of an active Egyptian regional role. Egypt should strengthen its relations with the Arab countries, Turkey and Iran in order to rebalance power in the region. Egypt should recreate diplomatic relations differently to those under Mubarak.

  • 11.12.2010, Cairo Organizer: Al Sharq Centre for Research and Strategic Studies (SCRSS)
    Arabs and the new regional order in the Middle East

    Participants from Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Iran, and Turkey discussed about the powers in the region with a special focus on the role of the Arab League. The conference was organized by the Al Sharq Center for Regional and Strategic Studies (SCRSS) in cooperation with the American University in Cairo.

  • 13.4.2010, Ramallah Organizer: RLS
    The German position regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
    Round table

    Many Palestinians describe the German position towards the local conflict as very pro-Israeli and, on this basis, refrain from engaging in German politics. Dr. Muriel Asseburg, head of Middle East and Africa division of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) presented the German official position as well public opinion.

  • 11.2.2010, Ramallah Organizer: RLS
    Palestinian Left: Where to?
    Book discussion

    In December 2009, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation published a book about the future of the Palestinian left, authored by Jamil Hilal. The book has already been extensively discussed in different Palestinian print and broadcast media. Jamil Hilal and the RLS invited representatives and activists of the Palestinian left to discuss the findings and the tasks at hand.

  • 6.2.2010 Organizer: RLS
    The Stones of the Valley. A history of progressive elder leaders (1948-1967)
    Film Screening

    The documentary film features six activists of the progressive movement in Palestine from the times of the British Mandate until 1967.

    The documentary film features six activists of the progressive movement in Palestine from the times of the British Mandate until 1967. The 250-audience in the Al Qasaba Cinematheque in Ramallah was “reminded of the societal values and commitment of the time”, as film-maker Ismail Habbash put it, “something that is absent today”. The film was made by the Palestinian Youth Union in cooperation with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. The film is accompanied by a book about the activists as a contribution to Palestinian oral history.

  • 29.1.2010 Organizer: Gaza Center for Strategic Research (TIDA)
    Gaza exchange: Debate with Noam Chomsky

    Prof. Noam Chomsky discusses via video-link current US policy with regards to Israel/Palestine with students in Gaza. The Gaza Center for Strategic Research (TIDA) organized the event.

  • 15.12.2009, Ramallah Organizer: RLS
    Daniela Dahn Book Reading
    Book Reading

    The German author Daniela Dahn presented her book “Wehe dem Sieger” (“Woe betide the victor”) in Ramallah. Her thesis is that after the perceived victory of capitalism over socialism in Germany, the “victor” didn’t grow to be a more democratic, open system, but went into decline. The social welfare system was cut, democratic freedoms were infringed on. The event was initiated by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and organized by the German Cultural Institute (Goethe Institute) in Ramallah.

  • 8.12.2009 Organizer: RLS
    Leftist and Islamist movements: The Iranian experience

    “The Left was – and remains to some extent – caught up by Islamism’s anti-imperialist discourse. The Left shouldn’t be fooled about the irreconcilable conflict of values between the Islamist movement and themselves.” This is how Haideh Moghissi, a founder of the Iranian National Union of Women, and Saeed Rahnema (Bio), described the predicament of the Iranian left before the revolution of 1979. They talked about their experiences as leftists under the new regime; experiences that are very much part of the reality of progressive actors in Palestine, too. Hosted by a joint group of female leaders of Palestinian left parties, Moghissi and Rahnema lectured and discussed in Nablus, Hebron, and Ramallah

  • 26.6.2009, Ramallah
    International unification experiences on the political left

    The re-activation of the Palestinian left is not an easy task, although the overall majority of the left party members seem to be in favor of it. Although close in programmatic content, other, sometimes personal interests prevent unification. Also party leaders presented their views in a different manner. Bassam Salhi, general secretary of the People’s Party, talked about the necessity for programmatic and organizational change and presented his party as an alternative to the current ruling parties. In contrast to Salhi, Abdelrahim Mallouh, deputy general secretary of the PFLP, didn’t want to see his movement as a political alternative. And Qais Abdel Karim, deputy general secretary of the DFLP didn’t take a clear position within these two poles.

  • 20.10.2008 Organizer: RLs
    Left parties and local/ municipal politics

    In workshops, party members learned about strategies and content in local elections campaigning.

    “Local and municipal politics is the basis of democracy”, said Harald Pätzolt of the German Left Party during his second series of workshops for members of Palestinian left-wing parties in Qalqilia, Ramallah, Hebron, and Jenin (follow-up to the workshops “election campaigning”, August 2008). For the left-wing parties, too, local politics is the basis for electoral successes. Through setting an example, their members and activists encourage other citizens to become active and engage in local politics.

  • 23.8.2008, Workshop Organizer: RLS
    Strategies for local elections

    After the workshops of Halina Wawzyniak in July 2008, Dr. Harald Pätzolt, department for strategy and politics of DIE LINKE, followed up with the presentation and discussion of a local elections campaign in Germany. Workshops were held with members of Palestinian left parties in Jenin, Tulkarem, Ramallah, and Bethlehem.