Call for Offers: Stationery and office supplies


The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung is a German organization affiliated with the German Left Party. It is one of the largest educational institutions in Germany. Regarding its international work, RLS is active in more than 25 countries with development and education projects funded by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation & Development and the Federal Foreign Office.

Call for Offers: Stationery and office supplies

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Regional Office Palestine (RLS) is looking for a professional and reliable Stationery company for providing RLS with all needed stationery items during 2017.

Price quotation should include but not limited to the following list:

# Item Quantity Price
1 Paper A4 copypal/ preferable wood free 1 box  
2 Wooden cork board 80*60 1  
3 Pilot pen / Hi Tecpoint V7 1  
4 Pilot pen BPS-GP 0.7 1  
5 Box file Classic 8 cm 1  
6 Carton divider good quality Folio 1/12 1 set  
7 Uni Correction Pen 1  
8 Binder clips 12/19 ml 1 box  
9 Binder clips 12/32 ml 1 box  
10 Orbit Mercury Pen 1  
11 Notebook COMPASS A5 1  
12 Notebook COMPASS A4 1  
13 Internal plastic folder uni 75mic /50 1 Pack  
14 UHU Stick 40g 1  
15 Bic Pen 1  
16 Memo stick 75×100 1 set  
17 Pins for the wooden board 1 box  
18 Marker or highlighter/ Stabilo Boss 1  
19 Permanent marker / Lineplus power- line 400 1  
20 Kangaro staples 26/6-5m 1 box  


If you are interested in working with RLS during 2017, please send us your Price quotation including vat and in local currency.



Please send your complete application until December 22, 2016 to


[email protected] or:

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Regional Office Palestine

Al-Wa’d Building

Mub’adeen St.

Al Bireh

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