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  • Social & Economic Rights

    The Palestinian society is characterized by a whole bunch of fragmentations, geographically, politically, socio-economically, to name only the most striking. While all aspects are equally relevant, it is the socio-economic fragmentation, e.g. the widening gap

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  • Economic Alternatives

    Due to decades of occupation the economic development of Palestine is severely hindered. Today, more than twenty years after the signing of the Oslo-agreements, the economic situation has even significantly deteriorated

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  • Gaza Scenarios

    Based on the specific situation of the Gaza Strip, a public debate about urgent questions and challenges as well as about futures scenarios regarding the Gaza Strip is of high relevance. To include a variety of social groups

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  • Climate Change

    Climate change is one of the very highlighted topics that are affecting the whole world, but have even greater impact in Palestine, where natural resources have been systematically destroyed and detained. addressing

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