Emancipatory Education

eman.edu fieldIn dealing with social and political change processes the question of education is of major interest. What kind of education is necessary to prepare and strengthen people to kick start social and political change? Emancipatory education is an approach that goes beyond the simple transfer of knowledge, but questions the given structure of socio-economic and political relations altogether and supports people not only to demand a different world, but also to discuss and prepare for alternatives. But what is emancipatory, critical leftist education or what makes educational approaches emancipatory? How should education be conceptualized, organized and conveyed in order to have an emancipatory impact? How should the role of educators change and how should the settings and the methodologies be structured in order to hinder the reproduction of hierarchical and dominating structures and elements? In the Palestinian context of occupation, economic dependency, enormous socio-economic change processes and stratifications on the one hand and traditional, hierarchal teaching – learning structures on the other hand – the topic becomes even more challenging. RLS cooperates with Palestinian and Jordanian organizations, educators and artists who are using a variety of tools to support critical thinking approaches as well as the activation and participation of people in order to foster the development of a democratic progressive Palestinian and Jordanian society.


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