• 2.6.2011, Ramallah and Jerusalem Organizer: RLS and KARAMA Campaign
    Regional implications of the political change in Egypt
    Film screening

    Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung – Palestine produced this documentary and its main screenings through one its projects in support of KARAMA Campaign.

    Bon Voyage! is one of very few documentaries that show the trip of Palestinians through the Karama Bridge, which is also known as the King Hussein Crossing, Allenby Bridge, or simply “the bridge”,the term which resembles a psychological crisis and huge fears for Palestinians living in the West Bank who are forced to travel through this only crossing which is under full control of Israel as an occupying power, and where no laws apply, except for Israeli military laws that fail to meet international laws or norms.

  • 8+9.4.2014, Birzeit and Jenin Organizer: RLS
    Rosa Luxemburg Seminar
    Lecture and discussion

    Dr. Jörn Schütrumpf presented the life and work of Rosa Luxemburg and answered the questions and commented on the feedback. The seminar was held at Arab American University in Jenin and Birzeit University.

  • 6.4.2014, Ramallah Organizer: RLS
    Mapping of the Arab Left: Contemporary Leftist Politics in the Arab East
    Book-Launching and Discussion

    In the launched bilingual (Arabic and English) volume, “Mapping of the Arab Left: Contemporary Leftist Politics in the Arab East,” which was initiated by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s regional office Palestine, several Arab and one German researchers mapped out the situation, challenges, and perspectives of the Arab Left in the Arab Middle East (Mashriq).

  • 23+24.2.2014, , Ramallah and Bethlehem Organizer: RLS
    Sleepless in Gaza

    Drone war on Gaza is considered to be one of the raising issues, as part of the drone war all over the world. And it is “part of the wider Israeli intelligence and remote operating system which includes direct attacking capacities. Drones lay at the heart of this system.” Drones were first used by Israeli army in 2000, it led to the death of Hundreds and injured thousands. In addition, Drones have directly negatively impacted Palestinian psychological and social lives.

    RLS addresses this topic by supporting a specialized study prepared by Dr. Atef abu Saif, political science professor at Al Azhar University – Gaza,  and arrange two roundtable meetings to shed light on this ongoing war. The roundtable was organized at two places; at Ramallah and Bethlehem hosting Dr. Abu Saif on skype and hosting Mr. Norbert Schepers, head of RLS Regional Office Bremen in Germany.

  • 9 - 12.12.2013, Bethlehem Organizer: ASHTAR Theatre
    People’s wealth
  • 29.10.2013, Ramallah Organizer: RLS
    Everywhere is Taksim, everywhere is resistance

    Roundtable about Turkish riots. The discussion focused on the class nature of the riots, women’s role and Taksim commune.

  • 15.4.2013, Ramallah Organizer: RLS
    RLS stage readings
    Stage reading

    Readings of Rosa Luxemburg with Palestinian music on the stage.

  • 09.05.2012, Ramallah Organizer: RLS
    Debate with Yash Tandon, author of “Ending Aid Dependence”
    Open Discussion

    Prof. Yash Tandon from Uganda presented his seven steps to end aid dependence. The event took place on Wednesday, 9 May 2012, Ramallah. English-Arabic translation was provided.

  • 5.12.2011, Cairo Organizer: RLS
    Looking at the sea as geopolitical space
    Exhibition and symposium

    Hydrarchy looks at the Mediterranean Basin, the Suez Canal, besieged Gaza, and the broader North African context, from the perspective of their waters and the actions that take place upon them. The sea, the ship, and the legal and political construct of ‘offshore’ allows a profound shift of cultural perspective, prioritising transition and flux over fixity, state control and mappability. While land borders are perceived to be fixed and unchangeable, the attempts of ‘pirates’, ‘illegal’ migrants, and flotilla activists show that territorial logics can be escaped or challenged.

    It is no surprise, then, that actions that take place at sea are becoming primary foci within the political logics of globalization. Flotillas, abandoned fleets, pirates, portable seas, migrant journeys, and the mystical language of navigation all filter into the artworks and discussions of Hydrarchy, which take diverse approaches in highlighting, directly or indirectly, the means by which maritime politics revolutionise our thinking.

  • 7.12.2011, Ramallah Organizer: Fuad Nassar Association and the Union of Palestinian Working Women's Committees.
    The impact of funding for strengthening Palestinian women
    Study presentation

    The Fuad Nassar Association and the Union of Palestinian Working Women’s Committees present their study “The impact of funding for strengthening Palestinian women”.

    The research was conducted by Haidar Awadallah, who will present his work. Venue: PARC Building, Fuad Nassar hall, Ramallah. The study is supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

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